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Default Re: The Mark MILLAR Official Thread

Originally Posted by blueserenity View Post
I don't know the first thing about Mark Millar (I won't touch Ultimate X-Men with a 10 foot pole) but something about him rubs me the wrong way... maybe something about the way he comes across, almost as if he's like "MAN FOX was headed in such a pitiful state with X-Men, thank GOD they hired ME!"

Also I don't like the idea of uniting FF and X-Men. TBH I've never liked X-Men and other heroes in the same universe even in Marvel comics... why is it that X-Men are hated and feared but FF get their own damn tower and are considered celebs? Why is Spider-Man generally a well-liked individual by the folks of New York? Teeecccchnically FF and SM aren't "mutants" per se but using that technicality is like narrow-minded bigots hating people for being born gay but being ok with those who are "accidentally" gay.

I also don't think DOFP is the time or place for FF to appear beyond perhaps a nod (like a ruined FF tower in the future). They weren't around in the 60s so really the future is the only opportunity to hint at them. The third FC movie should not take place any later than the 80s, which is still too early to bring in FF, and ideally the third movie won't deal with present-day X-Men (I'm hoping they use DOFP to create two lines: FC trilogy and a new set of current-timeline X-Men, in SEPARATE films).

Either way like I said, do not see FF and X-Men tying together as a necessary thing. Just because Avengers got it more or less right doesn't mean "Fantastic 4 & The X-Men" will be a license to print money.
This is a good post.
But I think the whole "Suspend your disbelief" comes into play a lot with comic books. Still a good point though.

Originally Posted by Dr Tactics View Post
Best post in a while.. Just think if Fox wasn't so gung ho in keeping the FF rights we'd be getting a Deadpool or New Mutants film in 2 years..
True food for thought LOL

Since we're on the subject of Millar, a guy on another site did bring up a crazy notion asking what if Mark Millar is actually a Marvel plant brought in to sabotage Fox's films...?

You can picture him calling back to headquarters saying something like, "Phase One is complete Matthew Vaughn is no longer directing DOFP. Now proceeding with Phase Two..."

Meanwhile the real Mickey Mouse hangs up the phone on the other end and lights a cigar at his desk...

Hmmm....far fetched or plausible?

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