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Default Re: The Mark MILLAR Official Thread

Originally Posted by X-Maniac View Post
They were called Children of the Atom in the comics, and that was also mentioned in First Class. Atom = atomic energy. Xavier theorises in First Class (when speaking to the CIA) that the rising use of nuclear power has led to many more superpowered mutants emerging. There's also been mention of it in the comics. That's because radiation is a known mutagenic agent. Not the only cause, but nonethless a cause. Some mutations are spontaneous, some are triggered by external factors like radiation, chemicals, viruses. In the comics, Beast progressed to his furry blue state when he discovered the 'chemical cause' of mutation. Xavier mentioned in the comics that his parents worked on the first atom bomb project, hinting at radiation playing a part.
I've always understood Mutants as Homo Superior the next evolution of Mankind and that Apocalypse was the first known mutant with the X-gene and none of this had anything to do with Nuclear or any kind of radiation.. You may need to check your facts on that one though It may be explained different in the movies but thats why Fox is evil to me LOL!!!

Franklin is a mutant. There's no technically, in reality, ifs and buts.

The comic book separation of mutants and mutates is scientifically dubious anyway. Hulk's DNA has obviously been mutated. But since he wasn't born with it, they call him a 'mutate' not a mutant.

Anyway, for whatever reason, Franklin is a mutant.
I guess if they say so then it is..

Well, we will have to see how it all plays out on the big screen. At this moment, I can't see Fox giving up F4. It's up to them to figure out what works and doesn't. I guess that's part of the reason Millar is on board, to figure out if/how/when the two teams could appear together on screen.
Then I don't know why they hired Mark Millar over any hack that could easily figure out how to make it work. They didn't even need to hire someone with Marvel Comics knowledge to figure out something that can't be Marvel truly based. I just don't understand what they want to get out of this except to keep the FF from Marvel so they can't have it and not that the FF will be profitable for Fox. The FF does nothing for fox as they can come out with 1 or 2 X-movies a year because they're so may characters just like Marvel studios shouldn't own CABLE because Fox would make better use out of him.

I wanna see a Deadpool movie. A script is written. But no development because they want to keep character rights that they have no business and probably not even good business to have?

It's just dumb..

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