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Default Re: Yo (Favorite) Joe!

My favorite Joe was Flint.

He was the first Joe I ever got (along with Gung Ho). I then looked for him all the time on the cartoon. I remember being so nerded out when I learned in the early seasons that he was second in command. I remember getting so bitter when General Hawk came out and knocked him down to third in command! LOL!

I then came to really enjoy his character in the comic years later. Much different and more darker.

Favorite Cobra Too Many of Them!!

I really enjoyed as a kid their leader structure and how lead this, and who was in-charge of that. Cobra Commander will always be the leader but when Serpentor came along, it shook things up! But if you have to pin down on one of them I would go for Zartan.

He was the man and his voice was great in the cartoon. And all these new versions of him within the art world and Sideshow Collectables is pretty awesome! It really allows you to dig deep into his past and his characte overallr. And it seems like you could go to many places with him when writing him in the future.

I did break down and buy that Sideshow Collectibles - Flint vs Zartan! It is a great piece!

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