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Default Re: Worst Marvel Studio's movie so far?

Originally Posted by Loki882 View Post
True, I don't even think that a majority of COMIC FANS hated IM 3, a lot of the one's that I've spoken with at least admire how ballsy it was.
A lot of people on here dislike it, the GA liked it though and they are the ones that matter when it comes to the BO.

Originally Posted by Nathan View Post
Probably because those changes weren't played for laughs. I would have been fine with the twist, of the Mandarin being nothing more than a front, if they didn't turn it into another joke, in a long list of jokes. I mean seriously, this is what we got?
I liked the twist the 1st time I saw it but every time since it has irked me more and more, it shouldnt have been played for laughs if they were going to do it that way, it just makes the twist cheap.

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