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Default Re: Jackson Signs NINE Picture deal to play Fury

Originally Posted by Mal'Akai View Post
Um, Spidey's web shooters were organic in the movie, something neither 616, nor Ultimates used. Also, in 616 the spider that bit him was radioactive, in the Ultimate it was genetically engineered, just like in the movie. So Spider-Man did pull from 616 and Ultimate.
Elektra's costume was straight out of Ultimate. And Kingpin was made black for the movie.
Fantastic Four
Even thought the "Cosmic Storm" origin was kept from 616, Doctor Doom got his powers in the same accident as the FF, just like in the Ultimates. He also transformed the same way he did in the Ultimates.
Ghost Rider
The only reason Ghost Rider didn't borrow from the Ultimates was because he wasn't in the Ultimates. But there were changes made for the movie. Most noteably Blackheart and Mephisto's designs.

Also, more proof that they exist in their own movie-verse is the most obvious. None of these four films ever give any mention to the others. Spider-man, Daredevil, and Fantastic Four all take place in New York City and yet never cross paths. Even X-Men is mainly in New York and it only ackwoledges Spider-Man in a gag reel.
These movies are all obviously in their own universe.

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