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Default Re: Jackson Signs NINE Picture deal to play Fury

Originally Posted by Kirk 1701 View Post
Your argument is that most of the super-hero movies exist in their own separate and different movie-verse. Right? If that is your argument, how can you have an Avengers movie? You are saying that the Spider-Man movies, Daredevil movie and so on, exist in different and total separated universes. That they are not connected in any way to Universe 616 or the Ultimate Universe and are totally seaparated. If that is your argument,we will never see characters like Spider-Man, Thor, Beast, Wolverine, Mister Fantastic, The Thing, and the Invisible Woman as Avengers.That these characters all exist in a different and separate universe. That they will make no connection to Iron Man, War Machine, She-Hulk, The Hulk, Black Widow, Captain America, and Hawkeye, and that they will exist in a universe different than Spider-Man, The X-Men, or The Fantastic Four. Even though, all these characters have been Avengers, West Coast Avengers, or New Avengers at one time in their life. Also, were can I see that gag reel of Spider-Man?

That is correct, we won't. And you know why? Because Marvel doesn't own the film rights to any of those characters. So no, unless Sony and Fox let go of X-men, F4, and Spidey, we will never see them in an Avengers movie.

I don't know if you browse the Hulk threads, but the Hulk's fight in the college scene was actually supposed to be in New York at Spider-man's college. Sony wouldn't even let Marvel use the name Empire University.

And trying to argue that the movies are in the same universe as the comics is ridiculous. Just look at all the changes that were made. Gwen Stacy doesn't even know Peter before the Green Goblin dies, Sandman is Uncle Ben's real killer, Harry doesn't even call himself a Goblin, Mary Jane now want's to be an actress instead of a model, Spider-man has organic webshooters and is bitten by a genetically altered spider instead of a radioactive one.

All the movies have substantial changes from the comics. They aren't in the same universe at all.


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