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Default Re: where's the interest?

Originally Posted by buggs0268 View Post
Because they do. They have people look at any blog on the net, and they will put plants to disuade bad word getting out on what they are doing if the audience really doesn't like it. Chris Nolan is a member here and looks at the Dark Knight boards. All studios do this. Directors will look sometimes. Trust me they have people here. When they released the possible plan to make a Green Lantern movie with Jack Black, AICN confirmed from their WB sources that they did actively look at all the boards to see what response was and that is what killed that the project. Hell, the review of the first JJ Abrams script on AICN got all over the net and they had WB plants in the baords trying to counter it. The big tale tell sign they say is "come one guys. Lets give (whoever) a chance and see if it works."
Christopher Nolan? I don't know man.

I have been accused of working for WB many times on these boards as well as The Planet. What do you think?


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