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Default Re: What was wrong with the current trilogy?

cyclops has always been my favorite character but to be fair he had a fair role in x1, but what bothers me is how big his visor is... i mean why does it cover his ears? it looks silly like when he is at the train station and has a huge visor and a cap... because yeah no one will notice thanks to the cap

but wolverine still stole the movie and in a way i can see why because he was the renegade with alot of mystery behind him

X2 basicly was playing on the fact wolverine was such a hit in X1 and was decided to explore his back story, but i thought cyclops visor was more better , but again its like they felt he would get in the way of the story, and as per ussaull the writer was proberly thinking about how cool wolverine is, but i did enjoy the cyclops and jean mini battle

X3 was just terrible, Fox got cocky with it, certain actress's got too big for there boots, and it had a director who frankly acts like a stereotypical full of himself hollywood movie director and claims to have read every X-men Comic... enough said

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