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Default Re: Judge Dredd Reboot!! - Part 2

* and on the subject of Production Design, I recall reading (hearing?) that the space between the Mega blocks was to help demonstrate how massive they were in comparison to the rest of what we would call an average city. I think it totally worked and really helped sell the immense size and scale.
While I also missed the more Sci-fi look of the comics, the film ending up really selling itself to me by the end. Stallones world-while looking cool- never feels grounded. The armour looks either like plastic, or just useless and lumpy. The Block war at the beginning? It feels cramped. It's hard to estimate just how far up the criminals are from dredd. It all feels like cramped sets, carefully angled so we can't see the 2x4's holding them up. To me at least.
I still love the art direction on the first- I even think the Judge outfits look cool. I'm just saying it doesn't feel. . . well. . . .
Giving things a more modern look not only helped keep costs down on the film, but also helped relate to it as a more possible future. seeing our cars and clothing helps insert ourselves into the situations. All the while, I never felt like the film felt too modern, and I never felt it lost that 2000 ad feel. I went in expecting the PD to be the worst part about the film, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Although I still don't like the bike designs.

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