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Default Re: Disney/Marvel & ABC working on Avengers spin-off tv show? - Part 1

The photos and discussion that I saw with RDJ and Evans on the SHIELD set came from a woman I follow on Instagram who is a publicist out in LA and worked on the show. Not sure how to link to her specific profile on a computer but you can find her here:

Name is Amy Crodova. She's on my followers list. Only has like 20 people following her I think.

People only report the news they find. If no body who wants to report it finds it, it goes un-reported. Even the droves of writers at CBM can only report what they find. That's whey most of them stalk the same places over and over like forums and message boards where they know stuff leaks. But actually digging around to find people like that? Most writers don't bother because it's not worth the time.

Have at thee. That's the best I can do at this time of night.

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