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Default Re: Gears Of War: Judgment

Originally Posted by Iceman View Post
It's the main thing I don't like. I'm not asking for a tonne of weapons but a Gears game without being able to use both lancer and shotgun is just ..weird. I can't imagine going into battle with just one or the other. It becomes more a game of trump cards or Rock Paper Scissors with one guy being the massive favourite depending on the range the 2 players find themselves at when they see each other. No chance to adapt and play them at their own game to see who is more skilful on that occasion.

Also on active reloads I didn't make clear in earlier posts that the thing that is being taken out is the active reload damage boost, not the active reload itself. Not sure if that would have made a difference to the discussion but just wanted to clarify.

Yea to me thats an unacceptable change. The half ass amount of maps, the no DBNO, the removal of the active, the removal of core game modes. Its just too much. Unless there are some major DLC's planned to add in EVERYTHING that PCF stripped out, then i am going to pass on this. Maybe ill go buy it used from gamestop just to play it, but ill take it back for the full refund prior to the 7 days being up.

Hah then whats the point of even using the active reload if theres no damage boost? Again i think it was a stupid thing to omit and was omitted just so PCF can say they changed something.

The cards were stacked against PCF for me tho, i mean i think Gears 3 has been the pinnacle of MP gaming this gen. I thought it was as close to perfect as you could get. I really, really loved that MP.

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