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Default Re: Gears Of War: Judgment

The multiplayer is improved in about 5 or 6 ways and worse in about 15. A bit disappointing. The shotgun is really good now, less range & wider spread as it should have.
No wall-planting of grenades makes it possible to move around the map quickly without being forced to check every corner. And I also like the removal of stopping power (although not everyone deos).

Taking out DBNO makes deaths look pretty stupid when a player is rifled down but I think I will eventually get used to not having it any more. Quite poor though is COG Vs COG rather than CoG Vs Locust. It takes a chunk of the personality and mood out of the game. And on (just) a few occasions in the wrong lighting I got confused by which player were my teammates & which were enemies. Add to that the lack of playable characters and it gets visually a bit boring compared to Gears 3 & all the available options.

With only 4 multiplayer maps I was hoping they would be 4 classics but they're ok, not great. The verticality is fun to see the 1st few times but I think it actually hinders gameplay & doesn't really suit Gears. Also lacking is the game modes & not just in number. Team Deathmatch without the Gears style elimination ending loses the drama. FFA is not as appealing as it might have been & Domination unfortunately is a long way short of KOTH and in fact even short of Domination in CoD due to map design and spawn points. Also factoring in map size (& the maze-like structure of 1 or 2 of them) means you are spending a lot of time moving between caps & not fighting as much as you should be. There is none of the manic 5 on 5 scenarios that can occur in KOTH so multi-kills are not as common as players are spread all over the map. It works better in CoD as each team has a capture point right near their spawn that is essentially theirs and "B" is the one to fight over. Not so structured here.

Spawning with grenades is stupid. Everyone on both teams could have frags! And the stim grenades are surely something that should have been left in Overrun/Survival where they fit well. It's a bit of a cheap tactic for multiplayer.

Also I can't believe anyone gametested this and didn't find the melee & especially scorcher to be crazily overpowered. I've died more from being melee'd tonight than in about a thousand hours of gameplay across the Gears games! It's become a new tactic which shows how the game has regressed. The 2 hit melee down & "2-piece" were finally taken out of the game after years of being complained about & now PCF put it straight back in, & actually upgrade it to a 2 hit melee kill (as no DBNO).

And when people said Survival was Overrun with bots I was sure they were exaggerating but it really is. That mode has none of the magic of Horde. Overrun is a good new mode but I think they focused on it too much as giving it 4 dedicated unrecyclable maps while the multiplayer is crying out for maps is misallocation of resources.

I'm sure the campaign will be great and that will in itself make this a more than worthy purchase for me but it looks to me like PCF tried to do too much. There are many improvements but they have unnecessarily lost a lot of the things that already worked well. All 3 games were popular, well regarded games so a revolution wasn't needed, far better to build and improve on a good foundation so that you keep your existing fans while making new ones.

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