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Default Re: Gears Of War: Judgment

I think PCF is just trying different things for the multiplayer. If they had followed everything Epic did than none of it would feel good or fresh. I absolutely love the multiplayer in this. They took what Gears 3 did and made it better. Wall bouncing never felt so good, the gnasher is finally back to all its glory, the lancer is still viable, the sawed off is no longer broken though rather useless. They got rid of the stupid and annoying powered up ammo when you do a good active reload though you can still do active reloading which has saved my life once or twice in a firefight as well as screwing me over. Haven't once thought oh man I miss the down but not out. I really like overrun but the cog are just plain boring to play as. Which in turn is the reason why I don't like Survival. I don't miss Horde since I never played it but Survival is definitely inferior to it. Liked the campaign, sad that Baird's smart assness and Cole's cockiness is gone but after playing the Aftermath campaign I understand it was a conscious decision to show how the characters change. Its a shame there are only 3 game modes but I only play team deathmatch anyways so this doesn't bug me at all. Domination is alright, it doesn't feel like Cod domination though it feels like Gears King of the Hill. Which is fine, I like that its alot less random, you know where guys are going to be at all times but I still prefer just my normal Team Deathmatch.

My complaints about this game: there are more skins for purchase than there are to unlock. That is unacceptable. 4 maps at launch, that is unacceptable. They brought back the two piecing where you elbow a guy to stun them and then you have an easy shotgun kill. It really hasn't been too relevant since number 1 but man its annoying.

Overall I really love this game and I've been playing it nonstop since I got it. I'm already a level 47. Is it the best game of the year so far? No that belongs to Bioshock Infinite, which was outstanding, but man I am having a good time playing it. 9/10

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