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Default Re: ASM 2 V MoS 2 (No pictures or spoilers)

I loved both TASM and MoS, but if no co-writer or rewrite is announced for MoS2, then I think TASM2 will likely be better. I don't believe in Goyer by himself, while I'm much more confident in TASM2's creative team. I believe Snyder/Goyer alone are capable of delivering a solid sequel, but Webb & Co. are capable of delivering a great one. Doesn't mean they will, I just think they've got more potential.

Still, crossing my fingers for another writer to jump on board for MoS2 and hoping for the best for both. The casting on both franchises right now is all-around fantastic, imo - near-perfectly-cast ensembles who deserve to be in great movies about these characters, and they've both got sufficiently talented directors who could make that happen. The screenplays are the big question marks for me.


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