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Default Re: Robin or no Robin?

Originally Posted by storyteller View Post
First and foremost, we should not be in the Nolanverse. No returns years later. I would accept a time jump where we met a young Robin but hit the "soon to be nightwing/redhood/red robin) years. Realistically I don't think they would give a kid too much to do for these films because of those damn child endangerment laws.

I did appreciate Batman Forever for going with an older Robin to create a sibling relationship. I would be okay with that but prefer a father/son thing.

I want Robin. He aidss Batman and is capable of getting into places the big guy can't. He has the empathy to see things Bruce can't. At the end he should seem like pure power that needs to be pointed(From Bruce's perspective). He shouldn't seem like a sidekick but the next phase in Batman.

I think that's one lesson we can learn from Arrow is that sidekicks can be handled really well and provide valuable support for the hero. With Dick Grayson he could be around 14/15 and have a little of Tim's tech background. He could be the hacker guy who works in the cave but is also being trained. Then later, maybe bats is injured and he has to go out to help. Like Batman forever show that the kid already has some street fighting skills etc. Then do with a costume/look something like in the Arkham games:

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