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Default Re: The [Superman and Batman] composer thread

Originally Posted by Kevin Smith View Post
That would perfect. I love that the iconic scores are used in the Lego games. There's a reason they have lived on for so the James Bond theme. seems great minds think alike. You can't get rid of the iconic scores from Williams, Elfman, and Walker and expect Batman or Superman coming into the hearts and minds.

Here is what I stated in another thread.

Originally Posted by Bigjxxx View Post

Since this is the first ever BATMAN and SUPERMAN live action movie. One would have to bring out the best.

1) Put Danny Elfman, John Williams, Chris Drake, and into a room.

2)Danny Elfman (and Shirley Walker, RIP.) for an adult, darker and updated version of this

3) Christopher Drake should be saved for a Justice League movie but and this can be the theme.

4) A one timer Shawn K. Clement could do well.

Anyone above is better than Zimmer/Nolan/Goyer Law & Order style Batman.

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