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Default Re: The [Superman and Batman] composer thread

Originally Posted by BatLobsterRises View Post
I'm not sure I agree with that. I've seen fan trailers for TDK and MoS cut to the Elfman and Williams themes respectively, and they felt pretty out of place to me.

It doesn't make those themes any less classic, but I think it would be hugely unfair to all future composers who work on these films to be forced into using another composer's theme. It would kind of be the equivalent of telling a writer that the script has to be in continuity with previous movies. It's a bit limiting.

There's more than one way to skin a cat. As much as I love Elfman and Walker's Batman themes and find them definitive, I also find the Arkham games' theme to be pretty definitive, as well as Chris Drake's work on TDKReturns for that matter. Point being, I don't think one theme ought to be held up as the "official" theme for all time. If that were the case then we'd never have gotten all the other great Batman music that's now out there.
But that's the thing, once you get to something definitive it's definitive as in not topped - if it's topped whatever tops it becomes definitive, and if you know it doesn't top it, why bother? Wouldn't it take away to replace something that was definitive with something sub par? Again, I point to Tue James Bond theme.....with every actor we've had a new iteration and take on the character...but the iconic Bond theme remains in tact. Like trying to top Beethoven or Tchaikovsky. But at the same time I always encourage people to try....but when it comes to John Williams, it's JOHN WILLIAMS. Only John Williams can top John Williams.

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