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Default Re: The [Superman and Batman] composer thread

Originally Posted by KalMart View Post
That's still subjective, and with new film interpretations should come new film scores. It's not like Bond which still tries to maintain some sort of (albeit at times loose) continuity or 'umbrella' over all the stories. I don't care much for Elfman's music anyway, but I personally love Williams' Superman score (probably my favorite of his...and no just the main theme). But at the beginning, middle and end of the day they are first and foremost film scores...and of the films are completely separate from eachother so should the music be. It's not about feeling 'out of place', nor is it taking away from how well they worked in their respective roles....but about the films being cinematically unique from eachother across the board. If the films themeselves aren't outright homages, then neither should their music or any other aspect be.

If they absolutely wanted to use them, then I'd prefer they did it like the new Star Trek movies and saved them until the end credits...definitely not in the main movie at all.
I like the Star Trek idea. Idk if I'd do them as the opening either, the Star Trek idea is great.

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