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Originally Posted by ThanosOfTitans View Post
it's funny how you seem to be the main advocate behind this "opinion is different from fact" movement, yet you seem to be stating opinion as fact. I said that people have argued that the kid was a poor attempt to throw a plot twist into the superman franchise, kind of like a gimmick. and your rebuttal is that these poeple are "wrong" because Singer isn't into gimmicks (because you know Singer so well). You're the main one complaining about people just always have to be right and know everything...and then you flat out say that people who basically don't see things the way you do are wrong. hyporcrite much? you just made posts about opinions and facts...and this whole thing about how people so insistant on being right.....well, what do you think you're doing? but i understand your need to stand by superman returns and constantly defend it by all means necessary...and condescendingly discredit other individual's opinions. i guess if the boards truly are going to hell (like you so melodramatically're apart of the problem)
Yes. Finally someone else tells him what I been trying to tell the guy. I just put him on ignore. But good to see someone else not putting up with it from him, and telling him so.

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