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Originally Posted by Angeloz View Post
I think Jason is his miracle. It meant he wasn't alone and he was happy about that. If you need a "Star Wars" equivalent - wasn't Anakin happy he was a father when he heard about it and refused to think about the complications in that moment. I think it was the same for Superman. He was happy about Jason existing especially as he probably thought he would be impossible in the first place (having a child).

But in Superman's case, it is also bittersweet b/c he's going to be unable to raise that child. It just isn't a clear cut case of being happy to be a parent. Children aren't there to make their parents to feel 'like they are not alone.' Children are the responsibility of their parents, not the other way around.

As far as Anakin goes, he was already on the path to the dark side and clearly not lucid about his situation. Sure he seemed happy, but it wasn't enough to make him feel happy enough to pull away from the dark path he was already on.

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