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Originally Posted by mego joe View Post
That's not the problem, it's irrelevant whether he knew or not. He left Lois, the love of his life, the woman with whom he was having a sexual relationship (we're assuming it was also a committed relationship, b/c I can't imagine Superman in a casual sexual relationship with anyone) for 5 years w/o saying goodbye and he KNEW it was wrong to do it.

true....yea, but im sure he felt like ****, cause he did say it was unbearable for him to say goodbye to Lois, which it doesnt make him any less of a jerk, i guess, but im sure there are more reasons why, especially emotions of maybe finding anyone left from his planet

But, even when Superman makes mistakes, you never question if his motivation or if his heart was in the right place. Concerning Lois, it clearly wasn't.

yea, i thought so to,but he knows that he does love Lois, that's why i think he couldnt look her in the eyes and say he was leaving
No problem there.

Nope, he's a jerk b/c of the way he left Lois and was not consciencious about his respobsibilities and obligations as an adult in a sexual relationship. That's why I feel he was a jerk and a horrible example of a parent.
but he didnt know he had a child...had he knew, im sure he wouldnt have left for sure

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