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Default Re: Rate the Days of Future Past trailer

Originally Posted by Shazam View Post
Not impressed.....just a bunch of people close-ups......a lot of low tone talking..........not enuff of what people want to see........Sentinels......Cyclops,

Take a note from Capt America
Cyclops would be great, but I doubt he's in the final film even for 1 second.

If you're referring to Winter Soldier trailer, I'm...glad this one wasn't done in similar fashion. I loved to see/hear my old beloved characters build the mood with simple, well delivered lines and I liked how the trailer only gives short 0,5-second hints to the action itself.
Winter Soldier's trailer, for me, was just boring. Explosions and action. Fine, but why should I care? Of course I am a little biased towards DOFP in general, but the trailer of WS did not make me want to see the movie, at least not in the theaters.

Not saying you're wrong, we just probably have different taste.

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