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Default Re: Batman Begins Best Origin Movie ever ?

Originally Posted by Why Are You Crouching Spock? View Post
Well yea, the actual real time plotline is directly linked to it. I wouldn't say it's seperate at all. Bruce Wayne specifically becomes batman due to the result of Andrea leaving (going into hiding) never able to have his one chance of a normal life. Andrea becomes a present time anti-Batman due to her parent being killed from going into hiding. The main mystery being, that we didn't know if her father was really dead. They both follow a similar motivated path both in the past and in the present due to that trigger point in the past. The diffrence being, Bruces fleshed out, and hers is more of a reveal. His cause in the past seems to have developed into something pure and just (batman doesn't kill) and hers, without to much being explained, more self-serving and deadly.

I think it's actually kind of two origin stories told at two seperate time points. I love the fantastic ending of her proclaiming she is alone and the final shot of Batman standing solemnly high above Gotham. She basically has now became what Bruce Wayne has been for while and is synonymous with. The interesting (and awsome) thing about that final scene I never really picked up on is that they are looking out in the distance facing each other from left to right. Then the bat-signal takes his attention back to Gotham. Really just wonderful how much thought soul they put into it.

To me, animated or not, that totally the best origin movie. Nolans movies seem very cold and distant in comparison. Some of the scenes comes across as abit hammy acting wise. Burton didn't even bother other than giving Batman a reason to hate the joker.
Which destroyed the whole premise for me. Batman's motivations are about justice/revenge but not having a failed romance. MOTP tried to force a new motivation into Bruce's life that wasn't very interesting, original nor apt.

I liked parts of it, but the animation was merely on par with the regular TV animated series. And I was never keen on the overall design of it all.

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