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Default Re: Do you think the Red Skull will return?

Originally Posted by KangConquers View Post
Captain America is also a comic book franchise that lives firmly in two eras. No, many of us haven't actually read the Simon/ Kirby issues, but Stan Lee, Steve Englehardt, John Byrne, Ed Brubaker and many other Captain America writers have set entire issues and some even arcs in the golden age, with many of Captain America's villains from the silver age and beyond beating rooted in his World War II past (Baron Strucker, Baron Blood, Arnim Zola, Both Baron Zemos, Aleksander Lukin, Winter Soldier, Grand Director etc)

When you're making a movie about the most flashback heavy character in comic books, it's easy to make a period piece with elements that are familiar to the fan base. Who hasn't read some permutation of Cap's origin? It's referenced by EVERY Cap writer. Johntson isn't the most consistent director, but he was born to make Captain America, and it benefited from his eye. It was exactly what a Captain America film set in the 40s should be. Pulpy fun.

The source material maybe more familiar to us, but I have very little faith in this directoral team's ability to nail this film. A bad film based on a recent acclaimed arc won't make it better than CA: TWS, it will make it Marvel Studios' Green Lantern.
Green Lantern? Seriously?
That's a bit harsh.
I wasn't over the moon when I heard they hired the guys from "Community" for this either, but I have far more confidence in them than Ryan Reynolds and Matthew Vaughn, and far more confidence in the story than Green Lantern.


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