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Default Re: Do you think the Red Skull will return?

Originally Posted by KangConquers View Post
Or from another perspective, they're throwing out what made Captain America a special movie, and churning out a more typical modern blockbuster.
No offense, but I thought the Captain America movie was a typical modern action film, it was a little too PC and I think the changes from the comics were made in regarding marketing concerns, rather then plot concerns. I thought the first Captain America movie was a bit toothless, Captain America in the comics would have some social commentary, the movie didn't really have that. That's why I just didn't like movie Red Skull, in the comics his motive is hatred, his power lust comes in second that. In the movie he was just power mad and lost his hatred, his grudge against the world, it made him less interesting and less of an interesting foil for Captain America.

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