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Default Re: Practical Effects VS CGI

It's a balancing act. Practical effects should be the ideal but if an effect can't be done pratically then of course CGI should be used. There are times in the Prequel Trilogy where I understand why Lucas used CGI (e.g Mustafar fight. Trying to do Lava pratically would, I imagine, look like ****) but there are many others where I just think "Just build a bloody set George!"

I think in terms of being dated there is little one can do. Film technology progresses constantly so all the effects team should aim for is trying to make the effects as good as they possibly can for the present and not worry about how it will match up 10 or 20 years down the line.

On the Anne Hathaway as Catwoman thread:
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The entirety of this thread could be caricatured as a group of frustrated teenage boys perving over an actress while venomously labeling everyone who doesn't play ball as a frustrated teenage boy.
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