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Default Re: Practical Effects VS CGI

Originally Posted by Asteroid-Man View Post
So practical effects can limit action, but seem tangible - the limited action renders them dated after a couple decades.

CGI is still not 100% lifelike in all cases (I've yet to see a 100% believable living character) and especially so in things that are alien to us, but they make action MUCH easier - the effects become dated pretty quickly.

The OT had some of the best PE for the time and the PT had the best CGI for it's time, both look dated now.

What should they do?

Personally, I'd like practical primarily, with CGI thrown in as an overlay. (So a practical alien suit, with facial features and motion fixes done with CG).

Even for background composites - I'd like them to do layers of matte paintings instead of one matte panting, or a composite of hundreds of digital renders.


The exact same is true of rubber masks, that includes age makeup.

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