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Default Re: Characters you'd like to see in future Avengers movies?

Originally Posted by R_Hythlodeus View Post
that chunk is not that big as you might think and can easily substituted by making her either Inhuman or Eternal or whatever in heritage. No, fanboys won't like that change (at first) but it doesn't really change anything about the character itself, just gives other explanations for her powers. Is the Magneto angle needed? Not really. That came late in the game. SW worked well for decades before she became retconned into Magnetos daughter.
And MS would 'gain' another female Avenger that was one of the earliest team members and one of the longest team members in Avengers history...before Bendis messed her up
Okay when you put it that way I guess I can see how it could work. I forgot she was only a villain for about 4 issues and wasn't originally Magneto's daughter. Still, it would just feel weird for them to be Inhumans or aliens in the MCU, although you're right that it can work like that. She could even be a product of Dr. Strange if they want.

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
Pietro is Marvel's Flash. And Wanda would most likely be sold to general audiences as a true witch per her namesake, instead of explaining her ability as some weird combination of genetic mutation and mathematical probability. So if the Avengers bring them aboard, you've got a resident speedster and magic-user with a lot of firepower, and that means a ton of special fx to make everyone ooh and aah. They're bankable. Plus, maybe you can generate some European interest by featuring a couple of European (non-Americanized, 'Tasha) superheroes.
Yeah I guess it does give them another female character with cool powers but the reason I was saying she wouldn't add anything is because her big plot points in the comics all involve destroying mutants besides marrying Vision and disassembling the Avengers.

Maybe Marvel could work the Inhumans into being the mutants of the MCU if they can't work out a deal with Fox?

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