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Default Re: Most disappointing comic-book movie

Originally Posted by CJ View Post
I feel the same about The Dark Knight Rises.
And yet while someone mentions The Avengers, it's not up there because someone is probably trying to make some point, lol. But, I'm not solely talking about your poll/thread. The "Best 3rd CBM" poll/thread is unnecessary as well.

I vote for Spider-Man 3 though(I think I'd place The Amazing Spider-Man up there though as being a CBM I was vastly disappointed with as well)...that film could actually have been as phenomenal as the previous two Spidey films from Sam Raimi, but it was a disaster of epic proportions. At least when you bring in films like X-Men: The Last Stand, Batman & Robin(I'm going to bring up Batman Forever as well), these films have different directors that ultimately screwed up from the beginning. The Fantastic Four film was something I was never, ever excited about, same goes for Superman Returns. Green Lantern, while excited, I never had deep anticipation for that film to even acknowledge I became disappointed over it.

And...I rather like Captain America, Hulk and Iron Man 2(even though it's the far weakest film in the MCU).

My feelings for TDKR is known anyways.

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