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Default Re: The Reboot Joker

Originally Posted by EssayM View Post
That actually wouldn't be terrible, just on looks and voice. I wouldn't mind the Joker being played by a comedian myself, but it would have to be one with some balls, not one of these guys that make lame jokes about their kids and costar in Adam Sandler movies.

Honestly, I would like to see a more cynical, fast-talking Joker rather than the kinda weaselly one that Heath played (not dissing him, just saying I'd like something different.) Hader would be good if you're looking for someone who sounds like Heath, but I would like someone like a young Dennis Leary. I can't think of any new guys like that, but that's what I would like to see in a Joker actor.
denis leary-esque joker would be pretty cool. obviously i wouldn't cast him though, not now anyway.

the purge dude gave me a jokerish vibe when i saw the trailer, although i haven't bothered to see the movie.

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Comic fans will always defend the hot chick with the rack, unless said chick was divorcing someone like Michael Fassbender or Tom Hardy.
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