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Default Are you tired of Wolverine being overexposed?

Just say yes or no. I'll begin by saying I'm sick and tired of it! I can't help but notice DOFP looks like a Wolverine Part 6. What's the point in making a solo film for him if he's going to steal from everybody else in the ensemble team films??? FGS "The Wolverine" is underperforming at the box office b/c there aren't enough well knowns in it. That shows Wolverine by himself is NOT marketable like Batman, Superman, Spider-Man and Iron Man are! The only reason X-Men Origins: Wolverine made a lot of money was b/c of other marketable characters like Gambit and Emma Frost were included.

I'm so annoyed that Wolverine is the time traveler when Kitty Pryde and Bishop are right there? That is so selfish and disrespectful. Apparently film makers think they're alright as time travelers for the comics and TV shows, but not for a movie?! They think Wolverine just being around for the future is NOT good enough so you have to include him in the past as well? That's BS!

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