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Default Re: Are you tired of Wolverine being overexposed?

I'm tired of it too OP.

The Wolverine was horrible imo. So boring, a couple people even left mid-movie. The post credits scene was better than the entire film lol that just goes to show you that some people are bored with Wolverine getting all this exposure.

We need more Gambit and Cyclops.

I don't have enough of Wolverine as main X-Men character.
How about Ironman saving the world in Avengers? Reboot the whole phase 1?
Iron Man would have gotten destroyed by the Chiatuari had it been only him. And Iron Man is 10x funnier and more interesting than Wolverine. You're the type of dude that would prefer to see X-Men Origins: Wolverine than Iron Man 1. Please go.

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