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Default Re: This Franchise Needs a Reboot Bad

You act like a reboot is magically going to do everything right, and not piss anyone else off. It's not like your ideas are the be all end all of X-Men movie success, as most of what you listed I have zero problem with, and don't need a movie to "rectify" them.

The inconsistencies in the current franchise don't require a reboot to fix, as they are hardly any sort of significant. As far as getting certain stories right - a reboot is just going to come with it's own set of problems and inaccuracies, and while it might satisfy certain people that weren't happy with certain aspects of the current franchise, it's just going to make other people mad because of the new things it gets wrong.

"Reboot" isn't some magic cure all like fanboys want to make them out to be. The term gets tossed around way too liberally, and outside of a few exceptions, reboots don't garner the interest of the mainstream audience when they've already seen the story before.

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