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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - Part 9

Originally Posted by MahvelBaby! View Post
The Humor in the MCU is what makes me prefer it to things like TDK and MOS which bore me to death for an hour before the action starts. While i still enjoy the more serious movies to an extent, they are not as re-watchable for me.
Each to his own. In MOS for me, it was the action at the end who bored me. And while MOS failed in the levity/humor department, I find the TDKT had great humor, and just the right amount for the more serious tone the movies went for.

Personally I appreciate all kinds of movies and tones in them, and don't prefer one thing over another by default, it's all about making things work withing their own context and what the movie wants to be as a whole.

To be more on topic: 15 minutes left!

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