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Originally Posted by GremlinZilla89 View Post
If it's so easy to swallow that The Joker was able to infiltrate the entire underworld of Gotham and have faceless masses all under his belt that allow him to plant bombs in hospitals and ferries without any detection. Why is it so hard to swallow that the clean slate can erase ones history?
First I will address this.No one is saying Bruce can't erase his existence on paper. He can. The point is that just erasing all documents is futile in today's internet age if you're someone as famous as Bruce Wayne walking around a huge tourist attraction with no disguise on. Not only does it go against all logic of the internet age, but it also goes against the "the world is too small for someone like Bruce Wayne to disappear" thing established in BB.

Before you accuse others of misreading your posts, make sure you properly understand the posts of the ones you respond to.

Originally Posted by GremlinZilla89 View Post
For one, it seems like you completely/or purposefully misread my point about the plane.

I'm not questioning Bruce swimming to a plane. I'm questioning Bruce swimming to a plane piloted by smugglers AS BRUCE WAYNE only to later be picked up AS BATMAN by arguably the same crew.

"Your plane is here." Ok, wow talk about reaching. It's just a figure of speech. tt doesn't literally mean "Bruce, the plane in which you purchased and own in now here to pick you up." And even it was his plane, who the hell was piloting it? Where did it take him?
First of all, the plane that picked up Bruce Wayne is not the same plane that picked up Batman. The second plane was far bigger than the first.

Second of all, there were no smugglers on the plane Bruce got picked up from (on the boat). I already made that clear. That was the second plane - the one which picked him up with Lau. The one driven by South Korean smugglers. If you're going to ask if they know Bruce is Batman, they don't, since they never see Bruce without the mask off.

And who was piloting it? Umm...a pilot he hired? Where did he take him? Umm...obviously Hong Kong? Ugh, you're reaching for answers to spoon-fed questions.

You made the point yourself. The Joker had total control of the city. So it can be easily worked out by Batman and Gordon to pin the death of Dent on the Joker or part of his crew. The Jokers apprehension and Dents death weren't that far apart. So two of the smartest detectives in the city, one with money and resources, the other with authority, can't make up some cover story about how The Joker and/or one of his henchmen killed Dent? If the Jokers hold on the city was so absolute then it can be easily set up that one of his goons killed Dent at the time of Jokers arrest.

No it can't. The cops were already there surrounding the building before Batman got there from his duel with the Joker. They already knew there was someone in the building holding Gordon and his family at gunpoint. The Joker was already caught so he had an alibi. The building was surrounded so there was no way in or out, which means any one of Joker's henchmen would have been spotted had they tried to go in or tried to get out. Batman got in because he is the only one physically capable of doing so undetected. Thus the only suspects were Batman and Harvey. There is no way they could have blamed it on any Joker henchman regardless of how much you want to grasp at that straw.

And yes, the guards DID forget about Dent. One runs off to check something out, leaving the other to get killed.
He runs off to let the hospital/police know that they have to move Dent and that's when he gets killed by the Joker.

So the whole hospital gets evacuated before Dent escapes and nobody, not one cop follows up on the order to get Dent out?
Yes because all the cops are dead. Courtesy of the Joker.

That doesn't excuse the fact the most wanted person in Gotham, a bonafide terrorist, can walk in, face painted up, wearing a nurse outfit and kill people and plant bombs and have a conversation with the most important man in the city who ALREADY had a near death run in with the Joker.
I'm going to assume you're not too familiar with the Joker then. What you just described is the Joker on a daily basis. The Joker literally does this all the time. He has the tactics and wits to take out entire groups of people just by himself. This will never ever change about the Joker regardless of how realistic a Batman film will get.

The most recent story in the comics where he did this was "Death of the Family". He takes out the power in the GCPD building and then takes out all the cops that are there, sparing only Gordon.

There is no use arguing these points anymore. It doesn't matter how many videos, reviews, posts etc about the flaws in TDK come around, they will all be swept under the rug and rationalized. Forget the fact that The Joker is essentially omnipotent and omnipresent. Forget the fact that as soon as you start to put the pieces of his plot together they literally fall apart. Forget all the other WTF moments. Its The Dark Knight and it's perfect and it's the most best perfect piece of art to ever grace mankind.
Again, what do you expect from people? Regardless of whatever explanation I give you, you're only to keep repeating that. Like I said, anyone can play the game you're playing. I can point out to any scene in any movie and when I get an explanation for it, I can just brush them off as a blind desperate attempt to defend the movie without anything to back it up.

Seriously. Any movie. You name it and I can point out flaws that aren't really there (or are just nitpicks) and then when I get answers, I can just say "You're trying to rationalize the film". It means nothing.

You still haven't answered my question. What exactly caused the shift from "OMG this is the Holy Grail of movies" (TDK) to TDKR?

BTW I'd like to point out once again that, despite me thinking TDK is "a perfect masterpiece with no flaws", I did point out some flaws in my last post.

How I rate movies:

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