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To be fair, I'm not saying Bruce is just ambivalent about Gotham by the end. I just thought it was interesting food for thought. I think he still believes in the fundamental goodness of people. And he does save everyone, after all. I think he very consciously decides to be a "martyr" because the time has finally come that Batman is the hero/symbol that Gotham both needs and deserves. The symbol can finally exist as the everlasting force that Bruce once mused about becoming, and as a perpetual reminder that heroism can come from anywhere. Again that's the point of the message, not that any old person can dress up and be Batman. "Batman could be anyone" NOT "Anyone can be Batman". Those two things do not have the same meaning, and yet without fail it is the most commonly misquoted line of the moive. But ideas of self-sacrifice, and that heroism can come from anyone and anywhere and save you in your darkest hour- those are big ideas, ideas that create legends and religions, ideas a city can rally behind, ideas a new, better city can be rebuilt and founded upon.

But I think after the events of TDKR Gotham has just reached a point where it needs to heal on its own, and I see him leaving Blake the keys to the Bat-cave as something of a contingency plan for the future. Because Bruce isn't naive enough to think that peace can last forever, and because he trusts him- both as a fellow orphan, as a cop and as one of the primary heroes during Bane's siege. But Blake is very young, probably early 20s. Bruce didn't debut as Batman until he was 29. So Blake has a ways to go before he's truly ready. But he also has time to train, if that's the path he chooses to take. Or, maybe he'll strictly become a detective, aiding the GCPD via the Bat-computer. It doesn't really matter because Blake's story isn't really important. He's just meant to embody future generations carrying forward the symbol, cementing Bruce Wayne's immortality.

As for your thoughts on Selina, I'll just agree to disagree. I think a thief with a heart of gold is the perfect foil for Bruce Wayne and the perfect love interest for him. So yeah, I'm a big time Bruce/Selina shipper. But every fan has their own opinion on that.

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