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Never understood the people saying that Robin would not be a good successor to Bruce, as these are the same people who think that Bruce is not a good detective and fighter in these films. Some people on SHH think that Bruce is dumb in these films.

Robin is a cop who has risen to become an actual DETECTIVE in the film, who knows the police department from the INSIDE, has worked closely with James Gordon, knows the real BRUCE WAYNE (i.e. the previous BATMAN), and has been with Bruce Wayne when he is Batman. He also has shown phenomenal leadership skills and bravery. He has been left all of Bruce's tech and the Batcave. If Bruce is really as awful as some on here think he is (just some average guy with good tech according to some) then why can't Robin be the next Batman?

John Blake has more potential as a detective than Bruce Wayne.
Tim Drake has more potential as a detective than Bruce Wayne.

John Blake is a mix of Tim Drake, Dick Grayson, Jason Todd and Damian Wayne. The major difference here is that Bale's Batman actually puts his ego aside to think about what is best for Batman and Gotham long-term (he also turns Wayne Manor into an orphanage at the end, he's actually affecting Gotham, providing something for the youth, an actual long-term impact, and also ensuring less disadvantaged kids get into crime) and as he said in Batman Begins: "as a symbol I can be incorruptible (The Dark Knight), I can be everlasting (The Dark Knight Rises)." At the end of The Dark Knight Rises, he makes Batman everlasting, and you could argue that Robin, who is shown as one of the most intelligent people in the entire trilogy, becoming the next Batman is in some ways an IMPROVEMENT over Bruce Wayne. If you want to complain about John Blake, then complain about the fact that he is OVERPOWERED, NOT that he is not good enough to be the next Batman.

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