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Default Re: "The Price Of Freedom Is High." The Chris Evans/Captain America Thread

Originally Posted by xeno000 View Post
Chris must be saying different things to different interviewers because he was also quoted as saying that he would love to continue acting only for Marvel in the future, while he pursues a career as a director. He expressed happiness with the way Marvel handles its films, as opposed to some of the other projects he has worked on. Knowing that Marvel's films are going to be good is what seemed most important to him. Considering what Chris said in that same interview about the Fantastic Four movies, it's clear that the quality of the films is extremely important to him now.

That seems to be what bothers Chris the most about acting, the fact that so many of his films haven't been good and/or have been difficult to work on. He's working in a profession that he loves, obviously, but there are just so many bad rom-coms and so-so action movies one can do before it gets to be a grind. Having to watch what some critics have said is his best performance get nearly buried by the Weinsteins has to be a contributing factor. Everyone wants to be proud of their work, but Chris understandably isn't proud of some of his films -- which is even harder to take when everyone else in the world can judge their quality, too.
The problem in a lot of the interviews, especially with the Variety interview, is that he's kind of sort of saying the same thing, but either worded differently or maybe even responding to a question that isn't included. Like, I thought Chris in the Variety interview really wasn't saying anything he hadn't said before, just worded a little more definitively than the prior interview where he talked about possibly retiring.

But yeah, I agree with your last paragraph. I think it's all coming from a place of frustration with how the movie industry operates, what gets promoted and pushed and received well by audiences and really not having creative control over projects he thought were okay when he signed on. What he said about script readthroughs in that Toronto Sun interview points in that direction.

If Marvel gives him some more control over future projects, or a nice salary/backend increase, or if another auteur director wants to work with him, I have little doubt he will "return" to acting. But even if he decides to direct full time, at least he's going out at his peak; really he's doing some of the best work of his career right now!

ETA: I also think people get confused when he refers to "Marvel" movies negatively, b/c it's pretty clear he means the Fantastic Four stuff. I do think, for the most part, he's happy with Marvel Studios.

Likely too, some interviews could just be given on a bad day, when Chris is feeling particularly grumpy about everything. He's a Boston kid - those dudes gripe about everything. But I still love them all the same.

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