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Default Re: Final Fantasy Versus XIII

Originally Posted by Havok83 View Post
There are now rumors that FF VS XIII will end up on the 360 with an E3 announcement. Good lord I hope not. After the disappointment that FF XII was presumably bc they had to scale back in order to make it work on both systems, I hope Square-Enix leaves VS XIII alone as it is. I want to see a FF game created for the PS3, taking full advantage of the hardware and the space that BR offers. I dont want to see them start chopping things away and taking things out that are standard to FF games in order to accomodate a multiplatform release
There's absolutely no real truth to those rumors, though. The only thing that made people speculate that is the supposed 'game length' that was cut, but all that was cut very early in the development stage, probably before the 360 version was even being worked on. Plus, I have doubts about what kind of content was really cut

Unless a team member leaves Square and flatout says that was the case, I doubt FFXIII would have been all that different. It was simply a different direction than previous titles.

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