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New Info!

New Final Fantasy Versus XIII Info Coming at TGS
I believe there were some reports during E3 of The Last Guardian making an appearance at this year's Tokyo Game Show. Well it won't be carrying the PS3 all by itself! Famitsu has an article on Final Fantasy Versus XIII this week, complete with new screenshots (finally!) and a Tetsuya Nomura interview! It looks like Nomura confirms some announcements for the game at TGS!
A few extra Versus XIII Details
Game Jouhou has updated with a few additional Versus XIII details from either Famitsu or Dengeki.
Apparently, the included screens show a massive wilderness scene. Also included is a battle scene that's set in a city modeled after Shinjuku, and a scene showing a gasoline stand.
Says Nomura about the game's world, "If you try to go all the way to the end, it's truly far."
Also from the Nomura interview:
  • The game's cloud effects use real physics calculations
  • The world is an open field, and you can go everywhere except for the mountains
  • The battles are seamless
  • The game's encounter system is both random and symbol-based (meaning you can see enemies in advance). Hmm... what could this mean?
  • The game's world is mostly seamless, although there are some load points when you switch between the massive areas.
  • You can destroy objects that you find on the road.
  • The quality of the combat scenes is so high that people will not be able to believe it when they first see it.
  • The staff is excited about making the game.
Nomura also confirms that the screens in the magazine are all realtime, captured off the PlayStation 3. Of course, this won't mean much until we can actually see the screens...
More Versus, Agito, and 3rd Birthday Updates
This update comes from FF Reunion. The Square Enix fan site reports the following bits, presumably based off various flying get sources from Famitsu and Dengeki, both of which seem to have some major Square Enix media this week:
  • The Versus screenshots show a fight with a weaponized Behemoth in a city.
  • Square Enix will be showing an unannounced title at TGS. Given the context, I think this means a Nomura game.
  • Nomura says that the Versus visual quality will improve even beyond what's shown in the new screenshots.
  • Agito's development is progressing well. You'll be able to move about on the world map via Chocobo and air ship.
  • The 3rd Birthday will be of such quality that you won't think it's a PSP game. This applies to the graphics and volume.
  • Nomura apparently says The 3rd Birthday will be the ultimate PSP title... until Agito comes out.

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