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Default Re: No Cyclops; Reaction Thread

Originally Posted by TNC9852002 View Post
lol...This is the perfect example of how fans can have such a negative influence on a movie..

I keep bringing this up too--How can people accept the premise of this movie which centers on Magneto and Xavier's early years, but complain that they didn't squeeze in characters that probably don't need to be there but should just because they're popular? We don't want another Gambit situation do we?

I don't care that Cyclops isn't in this movie because I accept the premise of the movie.
That's exactly what the cast list is giving us; a laundry list of mutants who really have no place in an Xavier/Magneto story. Admittedly the stories about Xavier and Magneto pre-X-Men #1 are interesting, but why not actually, I dunno, use characters from those stories.

Mr. Sinister, The Shadow King, Lucifer, Baron Von Strucker, Cassandra Nova, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Amelia Voight, Legion, young Ororo Monroe...all could have a place in this story, but they choose to throw in an extremely random who's who cast...just like Wolverine.

It's the same WTF factor as having Cyclops and Gambit randomly show up in Wolverine: Origins.

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