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Default Re: No Cyclops; Reaction Thread

Originally Posted by JP View Post
Jarvis is not a computer.
Jarvis is a D-List character at best, who frankly was more interesting as the overtly gay manservant in Ultimates than he ever was in 616. He might as well have been a computer, since he's already just practically the character equivalent of a home appliance.
Nick Fury is not black.
Clearly though, in Ultimate MU, he is black, and played by Samuel L. Jackson (once he started appearing in Ultimates). It was wise for Marvel to use his character, since he provided such easy access to the comics. Furthermore Nick Fury in 616 is no longer the character he once was. He's not head of S.H.E.I.L.D, and he's infrequently used.
S.H.E.I.L.D. didn't form The Avengers
Again, in the Ultimate U they clearly did.
Whiplash and Crimson Dynamo are two separate characters.
The movie actually gets this right. Ivan Vanko is the son of Crimson Dynamo, and his character recently appeared in the comics as the son of Crimson Dynamo. Furthermore, as others said "who cares".
Hogan and Pepper were an item.
So was Tony and Pepper. Also, this isn't really important to Iron Man's story.

Let's see, if this were Iron Man, making Havok 20 years Scott's senior would be akin to making Pepper Potts and Happy Hogan Tony Stark's grandmother. It changes the entire dynamic and really just seems like their intentionally trying to f*** with the story.

Why is Havok even in this movie? Can you answer that? They could use Amelia Voight, for example. They could use Apocalypse. They could even use Christopher Summers if they're really itching to include a Summers in the movie. ALL WOULD MAKE SENSE with regards to their comic counterparts. Instead they go Havok? Really, no one in that script meeting said "waitaminute that's Scott Summers' younger brother, and Scott isn't born yet, we really can't use him"? I mean what if you had Lex Luthor running around the planet Krypton before it was destroyed? That wouldn't bother you a bit?

There is literally NO REASON to do this, other than to continue the legacy of kicking dirt on Cyclops and anything associated with him.
You can't bash certain changes and simply overlook others.
Yes I can. It's called judgement. I can hear a change and go "wow, that's a great idea, really helps the story and I'm behind it 100%" and hear another and go "wow, that's really f***ing stupid, what the f*** are you guys on".

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