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Default Re: No Cyclops; Reaction Thread

Originally Posted by Optimus_Prime_ View Post
Let's see, if this were Iron Man, making Havok 20 years Scott's senior would be akin to making Pepper Potts and Happy Hogan Tony Stark's grandmother. It changes the entire dynamic and really just seems like their intentionally trying to f*** with the story.
You just used the Ultimate Universe as an excuse for certain changes. Well, Havok is older than Scott in the Ultimate-U.

Why is Havok even in this movie? Can you answer that?
I can't.. and get this, it's because.... I HAVEN'T SEE THE MOVIE YET. I know, I know. Pretty crazy.

There is literally NO REASON to do this, other than to continue the legacy of kicking dirt on Cyclops and anything associated with him.
Really? I see it as a way to pay homage and create a link to Cyclops in a movie that is obviously unable to use him.

Yes I can. It's called judgement. I can hear a change and go "wow, that's a great idea, really helps the story and I'm behind it 100%" and hear another and go "wow, that's really f***ing stupid, what the f*** are you guys on".
Well in this case, and this my my own opinion, your judgment is bad. To target all the changes in the X-Men movies and use it as a reason to suggest Fox should stop making them and then praise Marvel despite them making many changes as well is nothing more than hypocritical. You know that WB makes changes as well, right? And Sony, etc.

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