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Default Re: Marvel Looking into Female Characters

Originally Posted by Silvermoth View Post
Fascinating. Do you have some sort of idea about which cast you would choose? I think I can think of a few good Ms Marvels, it's just Mar-vell I get stuck on (and the director)
Sometimes I do. Right now:
Director: Roland Emmerich (White House Down, Independence Day, 2012)
Carol Danvers: Charlize Theron or Emily Blunt
Mar-Vell: Matt Damon, you want someone big to make the deconstruction sing, like Pitt in MegaMind
Michael "Ace" Rossi - Sam Worthington
Abigail Brand: Amy Acker
Nick Fury: Samuel L. Jackson
Maria Hill: Cobie Smulders
Yon-Rogg: Phillip Seymour Hoffman
Ronan the Accuser: Kevin Grievoux
Sentry 459: (voice) Dee Bradley Baker

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