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Default Re: The X-FORCE Official Thread

Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
The female characters that should be in X-Force are Wolfsbane, Feral, Boom Boom and Domino.
NAh. I take it you havn't read UXF. I'd be fine with all those. But Psylocke will sell more and kick up the hype more then those characters you mentioned. She deserves a spot as much as any of those characters. She's been the current female lead in an X-Froce title for awhile now.

I'd bet Domino and Psylocke are the bigger contenders here. Honestly too many options, and like everything will come down to personal preference on who wants what. Most these unused X-Froce characters deserve their spot though.
Originally Posted by roach View Post
As I said before just because they are calling it X-Force dont expect the X-force characters...I could be wrong but the last movie X-Men First Class didnt feature the First Class Xmen.
It would be kind of odd to use non X-froce members since there are so many. But if they added someone like Gambit I could see why.

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