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Default Re: The Wonder Woman Costume Thread

Originally Posted by LaughingMage View Post
Imho, the greek armor concept is the only thing that makes sense from a "world building" perspective, especially for a movie. Now, one can argue that WW in MOS 2 is an already established figure who has spent a lot of time in "man's world" an thus adapted her costume. However, if she's fresh of the island so to speak I say go with a greek armor influenced design.
I agree 100%. Provided that Themyscira ends up being influenced by Greek culture and the Amazons end up being descendants from the Ancient Greeks or the Greek Gods.

Of course, if Themyscira ends up being based in Scythian or Sarmatian culture, then I would expect Wonder Woman's costume to reflect those origins, as "updated" by the Amazons throughout their time on Themyscira.

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