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Default Re: Which film is better? Thor or Thor: the Dark World?

I love both of the Thor films but still have to give the edge to TDW. To each his own but I just don't get the hate for Thor 2 some of you guys have. I thought it was so much fun. As far as the MCU goes I personally rate it just behind Avengers even after seeing Winter Solider two times which I thought was a stellar film as well but the films couldn't be more different from each other. Cap can do grounded. Thor is fantasy and is the farthest thing from grounded. I like how Marvel assigns the right tone to the right material.

In fact I love the entire Phase 2 so far. I'm having a blast. I'll admit I'm wary of Guardians though. It could be awesome or it could be total cheese. Even so I'll be there opening weekend.

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