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Default Re: Which film is better? Thor or Thor: the Dark World?

Originally Posted by BoredGuy View Post
I'll agree that's what they were trying to convey in the film
but I think they failed miserably
I don't at all but you're entitled to your opinion.

Originally Posted by BoredGuy View Post
Well my main question was, why not take her to Jotunheim or some other desolate little corner of the universe???

were the only two options really: Keep it amongst millions of innocent Asgardians or Fly it right to Malekiths home in Svartelheim?

Like, you wanna protect Asgard? ok, check. "How do we do that?" "I know, let's go to the Dark Elves home, offer up Jane to Malekith, and then just as he's torn this potential deadly cosmic force from her body, i'll zap the aether with some lightning!"

what Jane should've said: "Thor, let's let Loki do the thinking, mmkay?"

and I said selfish because he put saving Jane over, basically, the fate of all 9 realms in that moment
he put Malekith right where he needed to be to get the Aether, and his only contingency was to electrify it

I like gullible or naive Thor, but outright dumb Thor is not my favorite
The Dark Elves were going to come for the Aether no matter what. If it stayed in defenseless Asgard Thor believed it would've ended up in their hands anyway and many lives would be lost in vain. If he took it anywhere else they would still come for it. It's just like the One Ring. You can't hide it forever so you must destroy it. Thor's plan was to extract it so he could destroy it. He needed to be close enough to destroy it. Hence the ruse. He didn't know it couldn't be destroyed. Only Bor knew that - unless it was in the ancient writing and Odin knew as well but he certainly never told him.

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