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Default Re: Skyfall vs. TDKR

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post

Really, because I was around for Begins release and I never remember any heavy criticism of his voice when that came out. No parodies. Nothing. That didn't start until TDK. Nolan obviously didn't give a damn because he used the same growly TDK voice in TDKR.

Nearly everyone here was convinced he wouldn't after all the complaints about in TDK.
There was a ton on Batman Begins as well, although not as much because Batfans liked the difference from what we'd heard before, and BB wasn't a cultural phenomenon in an age full of parodies and memes... For the record I love Bale's batvoice, I'm just saying you're incredibly selective according to your own bias. I honestly don't even understand what you're trying to argue about anymore because everyone seems to be agreeing with each other, haha. Like Anno, I don't laugh while watching that scene in context of the film, but it's pretty hilarious to watch just the death by itself.

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