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Pasting something here that I posted in the Electro thread about my hopes for ASM2 and 3:


Pretty sure that Gwen will make it through this film, and the Norman will be completely set up to go full-on Goblin in ASM3.

Think about it. We've already got a major villain being portrayed by a major actor in ASM2. They've cast Mary Jane, but in what has been stated to be a relatively small role. They've cast Harry Osborn. So the way I see it, they will be introducing Harry, MJ, and most definitely Norman Osborn himself into this film universe, which will set the stage for the Green Goblin and the Death of Gwen Stacy storyline in ASM3.

What an epic way to end the series. Early on in ASM3, Gwen is shockingly killed by the Goblin (think Janet Leigh's early death in Psycho). Peter is wracked with guilt because it was he who indirectly killed Gwen, filled with anger, and he is alone again. Ultimately, he finds the strength to continue on as Spider-man, defeating the Goblin and ending the trilogy on an ambiguously positive note with Peter and MJ most likely getting together.

We've already seen so much of MJ in the last series. It makes perfect sense for Gwen to be the main love interest throughout this series, showing the impact that her life/death has had on Peter as he moves forward with his own life and with his next love. And with Green Goblin being the villain in the third film, we would KNOW that we were in an epic conclusion to this trilogy. Saving the best for last is really smart, IMO. And by then, it will have been at least 15 years since Raimi's Goblin.

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